For couples considering Marriage in the Catholic Church, our best wishes to you.
For Marriage booking could you please phone the Parish Office

The booking options are as follows:

LocationAvailable TimeIncludes     Photo    
St. Augustine's ChurchSaturday 1:30pm
Saturday 3:00pm
Administrative/Clergy Fee $300.00
Church Wedding hire Fee $200.00
(NOT a Refundable Bond)
                    Wedding Fee $500.00
St. Augustine's ChapelSaturday 2:30pm
Saturday 4:00pm
Administrative/Clergy Fee $300.00
Chapel Wedding hire Fee $300.00
(NOT a Refundable Bond)
                    Wedding Fee $600.00

Please Note: Your Booking will not be confirmed until receipt of the above fees. The whole amount will be refunded if the marriage does not take place. There is also a Sacristan Fee of $50.00 which can be placed in an envelope and given directly to the sacristan before the start of the wedding ceremony.

Couples desiring weddings on days and at times other than those indicated above are required to discuss this with their celebrant.

If the Priest chosen for your marriage is a resident of Salisbury Parish, you will:

  • Need to book into and attend a marriage preparation course run by Centacare (brochure included).
  • Then having completed the preparation course, send the completed form back to the parish (form enclosed).
  • Following this, you are asked to contact the Celebrant chosen for your wedding to arrange your individual interviews.

If the Priest chosen is from another Parish

If the Priest chosen is from another Parish, you are asked to contact him as soon as possible to arrange a time for him to assist you in completing the Church and Civil Forms and organize your individual interview times with him.

Marriage Education Courses

The next step once you have booked the church is to choose a time and book into a Centacare Marriage Education Program (Brochure included). This is compulsory. Once you have completed the Marriage Education Program please send the form signed by the course presenter back to the parish office. Following this please phone the Priest chosen for your Wedding to book an appointment with him.

Our best wishes that all your preparations will help to create a marriage of life a love forever.


It is preferable not to use Confetti (including rice, rose petals and almonds) at any of the Churches nor in the grounds. It would be helpful if your invitations gave this indication to your guests.


No glues, blue-tack, drawing pins or sticky tape are to be used for decoration anywhere on the walls or furnitures in the Churches. Decorations may only to be put on the pews using ribbons or elastic.

Preparing For Your Marriage

The Celebrant for your wedding will want to see you, at least for a couple times, to assist you in preparation for this Sacrament, to arrange the necessary documents, and to prepare the ceremony. In addition, there is an expectation that, as a couple, you will complete some form of Pre-Marriage Education Programme. (Brochure enclosed).

Documents Required

You will be required to present the following documents:

  • Copies of your Birth Certificates.
  • Copies of your Baptism Certificates for all Christian Denominations
  • For Catholics, the Baptism Certificate must have been obtained within the last six months.

The Commonwealth Document - Notice of Intended Marriage - must, by law, be signed by the couple at least one calendar month before the wedding day. The celebrant will help you complete this form.

Nuptial Mass

Couples should indicate when making an appointment whether or not they will be married with the Nuptial Mass. A wedding with Nuptial Mass takes approximately 45 minutes, a wedding without Nuptial Mass about 30 minutes.

Music For The Wedding

It is the couples' responsibility to arrange musicians/music for their wedding. The celebrant will be able to provide you with a list of organists/ musicians who will be able to advise you on suitable hymns and music for the wedding. The celebrant will discuss with you your choice of hymns/music, and copyright requirements for a wedding booklet. Arrangements concerning payment for musician is a matter for discussion between the couple and the musician. A vocalist of your choice may sing at the wedding by prior arrangement with the musician.

Our best wishes to you both. Please don't hesitate to contact the parish office.