Parish pastoral funding program

Contributions to Pastoral Funding can be made by placing your donations in the Collection bag when passed around at Mass or by contacting the Parish Office to organise for Pastoral Funding Envelopes.

  • Via an electronic contribution. If you are currently contributing via envelope, you can elect to make your contribution via credit card or direct debit. Forms are available for download here

              Or the form can be emailed or posted to you at your request.
  • You can drop your envelopes (2nd collection) or donations to the 1st collection into the Parish Office between 9am – 3pm weekdays. Please mark a plain envelope first or second collection if you are contributing by cash.
  • Via an electronic contribution on the link on the Archdiocesan website is You will need to select the Salisbury Parish and choose whether you are contributing to the First Collection (Support of Priests) or Second Collection (Parish Property and maintenance etc.)

If you are new to the Parish or would like to start contributing to the planned giving program, please contact the Parish Office on 8258 2314 and ask for Anne Blake.

Thank you for your continued support of the priests of the archdiocese and the parish.